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Best Gynecology Hospital in Gurgaon

Best Gynecology Hospital in Gurgaon

Best Gynecology Hospital in Gurgaon

Gynecology department of our hospital is the place where women can feel free to go for their most intimate and personal health care. This includes antenatal care, delivery, and postpartum care.

Team of Doctors

We have gynecologist doctors who specializes in the care of women’s reproductive organs. In our hospital, gynecology services are provided by a variety of practitioners including obstetricians, pediatricians, family medicine specialists, and general surgeons.

Gynecology services are usually provided in our hospitals for various reasons such as pregnancy, birth control pills, and menopause.

When You Meet With Our Gynecologist Doctors

It is always advisable to consult a gynecologist if you are experiencing any vaginal bleeding or pain in the lower abdomen. The symptoms of a vaginal infection may not be as obvious as those of a urinary tract infection or an ovarian cyst.

The following are some of the times when you should consider consulting our Gynecologist:

  • If you have been experiencing irregular menstrual periods for more than six months and have not yet seen a doctor;
  • If you have been experiencing unusual vaginal discharge;
  • If your sexual partner has recently passed away or if he/she has been diagnosed with an STD
  • If you suspect that there is something wrong with your cervix.

What Should I Talk With My Assigned Gynecology Doctors?

You can talk about several things like:

  1. Painful Periods
  2. Vaginal Odor
  3. Swelling Bumps or Growths “Down There”
  4. Sexual Discomfort
  5. Urinary or Fecal Leakage
  6. Low Libido

Below we have briefly described about the above points so that you can conclude the correct things to talk with assigned doctor of our hospital.

Painfull Periods – (pelvic pain)

Yes, you can. You can meet our Gynecologist doctor anytime in hospital of India for painfull periods if you’re experiencing any symptoms like heavy bleeding, severe cramps, pelvic pain and more.

The most common pain is Pelvic pain, and this can be caused by a number of different factors, including:

  • Uterine contractions during labor
  • Pelvic floor muscle spasm (involuntary tightening) during and after childbirth
  • Pregnancy-related urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • Endometriosis
  • Ovarian cysts

Vaginal Odor

Vaginal odor is something that every woman has to deal with. There are many reasons for vaginal odor and the most common one is bacterial vaginosis.

Our experienced gynecologist can help you understand the cause of your vaginal odor and prescribe you a treatment plan to get rid of it.

The first thing you should know is that your symptoms are not necessarily related to any medical condition. You may have an infection, yeast, or a bacterial imbalance in your vagina that’s causing the smell. If you think you may have one of these problems, make an appointment with your gynecologist to get tested and treated.

Swelling Bumps or Growths “Down There”

There are a number of reasons why pregnant women experience Swelling of Bumps or Growths “Down There” during their pregnancy. Some of these reasons are hormonal changes, the increased size of the uterus, and the weight gain that happens with pregnancy.

Pregnancy is not easy on women’s body because it is a time when they have to adjust to all sorts of changes – changes in their bodies and in their lives. This is why some women experience swelling in their breasts and other parts of their body during this time.

Sexual Discomfort

Sexual discomfort is a common problem that many people experience. For example, the pain caused by menstruation can be relieved by gynecology doctors.

Gynecology doctors are trained to examine a patient’s vagina and cervix and provide them with treatment for any problems they may have. They also offer advice on how to prevent future problems from occurring in the first place.

Urinary or Fecal Leakage

Urinary or fecal leakage in pregnant women can be a sign of some serious health problems. It is important to detect this leakage as soon as possible and take the necessary steps to avoid any health risks.

Fecal leakage in pregnant women is a common problem that can lead to serious health risks for both mother and baby. The most common symptom is a change in the smell of urine or feces, which may be accompanied by blood-stained mucus, vaginal discharge, abdominal pain, or fever.

The most common cause of urinary leakage is a condition called stress incontinence. It is also known as urgency urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, or overflow incontinence. This condition affects about 30% of women during pregnancy and postpartum. In addition to that, up to 20% of all women experience fecal leakage during pregnancy.

Low Libido

Low libido in pregnant women is a common concern. However, it is not a condition that should be ignored as it can have significant impacts on the health of the mother and fetus. Gynecology doctors can help women with low libido by using fertility drugs to boost their chances of having a healthy baby.

Low libido in pregnant women can lead to other problems such as premature birth, miscarriage, poor fetal growth, and postpartum depression. It is important for these low-libido pregnant woman to consult with their gynecologist for treatment options.

What’s the major problem of women’s in India in regards of Gynecology?

The main problem of women’s in India is that they are not getting access to safe and affordable healthcare.

The lack of access to gynecological care has been a major issue for women in India. They are often forced to seek treatment from unqualified providers or resort to self-treatments which may lead to complications.

The gynecology services in the hospital of India are not adequate to meet the needs of women. There are many reasons why this is the case but one major reason is that there are not enough doctors available to provide these services.

The government has been trying to solve this problem by increasing the number of doctors in this department through various incentives such as scholarships programs, fellowships, and more.



  • Dr.Ajay Lal


    Senior Consultant

    Neonatologist & Pediatrician

  • Dr.Amitava

    Senior Consultant

    Director – Mother & Child Unit,

    Neonatologist & Pediatrician

  • Dr.Pooja Lal


    Senior Consultant

    Director Gyane & Obstetrician

  • Dr. Anjani Gupta

    MBBS, MD Medicine

    Sr. Consultant

    General And Critical Medician

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